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Video on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training

Renouncing the Electronic Grid

Robert Michael Pyle has published an interesting essay in Orion Magazine on how electronic immersion in blogs, email, Blackberry’s, TV, etc. can pull us out of the moment and out of contact with people and nature.¬† It’s a beautiful and inspiring piece.

I feel a bit hypocritical linking to this piece, being the writer of […]

Interesting Defusion Exercise: “Echo Talk”

Now you can comment on posts at Learning ACT Blog

I just added a comments function so that now you can add your own thoughts about the things that are posted on Learning ACT Blog. I hope you do. Let’s start a conversation!

Video on how to use Blogs and RSS for professionals

Howard Rheingold, a veteran critic and writer about the social  implications of modern media such as blogging and myspace, has created a nice video which shows how he used blogs and RSS in his everyday working life .

I have found blogs to be useful in my role as a psychologist who is busy […]

Oprah’s magazine on ACT

There’s a writer named Marth Beck who has written several articles on ACT that are quite clear, personal, and accessible. They would be good handouts to give to clients. If you search on , you can find several articles on ACT. Here’s one of them and an excerpt below:


ACT Observer exercise audio

Randy Burgess has posted an audio recording of the ACT observer exercise on his blog. It is available for anyone to download. I haven’t listened to the whole thing, but the audio quality is quite good and so would likely be useful for many people. Thanks, Randy.

News Video of an ACT client in treatment for hoarding

Here’s a cool video on a client being treated for compulsive hoarding using ACT . The therapist in the video is D.J. Moran, a well-known ACT therapist and author of this book. There hasn’t been a lot of press for ACT yet, so this is neat. The client does say something that she clearly […]

How does author order affect credit in scientific papers?

Brain in a Vat has written about a new study that examined how an author’s place in a list of authors on a peer reviewed paper affected perceptions of the relative merit. Here’s one conclusion based on the article: As expected, survey respondents rated first authors the highest […]

Where can I find out about ACT workshops?

There are a number of resources that I am aware of regarding ACT workshops.

The number one place to look for trainings is on the homepage . That’s the home of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science , the home of ACT. Many new events are being listed there all the time.

Workshops that I […]