Howard Rheingold, a veteran critic and writer about the socialĀ  implications of modern media such as blogging and myspace, has created a nice video which shows how he used blogs and RSS in his everyday working life .

I have found blogs to be useful in my role as a psychologist who is busy and doesn’t have all the time I’d like to stay abreast of developments in various areas of psychology plus outside interests. The great thing about blogs is that all you need to do is find someone who is interested in the area you are interested in (which isn’t too hard to do, people blog about everything) and then that person does all the hard work of searching out up-to-date information and bringing it to you.

That’s what myself and soon-to-be-contributor Jay Wilkinson are trying to do with this blog. We search out information on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness and bring it to you. If you subscribe to this blog with RSS, then you’ll get new information on this topic on a regular basis.

Check out the video if you want to learn more about how you might use blogging and RSS to bring information to you and save your time.