Electronic versions of handouts from Learning ACT

Case Conceptualization Form

Here’s a copy of the Case Conceptualization Form from Learning ACT (2nd Edition). Feel free to use it along with the book so that you don’t have to have an ugly, photocopied version from the book (with the smudges and coffee stains from when you spilled your coffee on it…I hate it when that happens!).

Download ACT Case Conceptualization Form

Core Competency Self-Rating Form

Click here to download a copy of the core competency self rating form for your own use.

You can use the ACT Core Competency Self-Rating Form to help you in your learning of ACT. The self-assessment describes the primary behaviors that a therapist would be engaging in if they were consistent with the ACT model. I’d recommend you rate yourself on this form periodically and then consider the following questions in relation to your self-ratings (these are suggestions, you could always add others). Engaging in this process can help you in determining what areas to focus on next in […]