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How does author order affect credit in scientific papers?

Brain in a Vat has written about a new study that examined how an author’s place in a list of authors on a peer reviewed paper affected perceptions of the relative merit. Here’s one conclusion based on the article: As expected, survey respondents rated first authors the highest in terms of work performed while rating last authors the highest in terms of initial conception and supervision. However, increasing the number of authors from three to five decreased the perceived contributions of the first and middle authors while having no significant effect on the […]

Where can I find out about ACT workshops?

There are a number of resources that I am aware of regarding ACT workshops.

The number one place to look for trainings is on the homepage . That’s the home of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science , the home of ACT. Many new events are being listed there all the time.

Workshops that I am doing in the Northwest USA area (usually Portland, OR) are listed on my my personal webpage at

Online trainings that will be offered through are available in the events section.

I have created a list of resources for therapists wanting to learn ACT. It […]

Welcome to Learning ACT: A website for therapists learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

This website the companion website to the book Learning ACT .

Here you can find training resources, tools, and fellow travelers in your effort to learn Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Most of the interaction on the site takes place in the Forum.

This is meant to be an interactive website, so if it’s your first time here, know that you need to create an account in order to interact with the rest of the community and to share and learn from others in the forum.

Warning: The website is constantly updated with new information related to ACT and […]