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3rd Wave Relationships: ACT with Couples

Implicit Attitudes and Other Applications of Relational Frame Theory

Contacting Self as Context

Self as context is the concept that we are not the content of our experience — we are not our thoughts, our feelings, our experienced sensations, the things we see, or the images that pass through our heads. Through exercises and metaphors, we can contact a transcendant sense of self that is more like […]

ACT Interview with Kenneth Cole

Dr. Kenneth Cole, Director of Training in Psychology at the VA in Long Beach, gives a nice interview on ACT as part of a podcast.

He provides an overview of where ACT has come from in terms of its history. He also differentiates it in some ways from more traditional CBT. He also refers to […]

13 ACT-Related Rules of Sucess for Grad Students (And Everyone…)

Making Mindfulness Accessible – Lessons from the ACT Hexagon Model

An intriguing New York Times article inspires a look at ACT treatments for chronic pain

ACT Supervision: Developing Psychological Flexibility with Experiential Supervision

One aspect of supervision with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) that is different from many of the other empirically-supported approaches is the emphasis on the trainee utilizing the same therapeutic processes with themselves that they are asking their clients to use. Thus, supervision typically includes an experiential element in which the supervisor serves as […]

Supervising Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Using the ACT Core Competency Form

A few years ago a group of ACT trainers got together and used to consensus process to create a set of ACT core competencies. My coauthors and I recently revised these competencies in our book Learning ACT. Over the last couple years, I have found myself using the ACT Core Competency Rating Form […]

If you’re new to RSS and blogs, read this!

Here’s a really friendly video tutorial on how to use RSS and blogs to streamline your use of the internet. I use an RSS reader every day. I use Google Reader , but there are many others that also work well. The video will show you the benefits of RSS readers. I find […]